What makes your house a home? The answer to that question is different for everyone. For some people, it might be the memories they have with friends and family inside of their four walls. Others may say that the feeling when you walk in through the door to your own personal space is what defines a home.

But few people stop to think about what went into making their house. Did you know that construction workers are the ones who built your foundation, put up your walls, and added the roof over your head?

In this blog post we’ll give you a little background on what makes these men and women so remarkable.

What are construction workers and what do they do?

Construction workers are the people who made your house a home by building it. They put together all of the materials, and the people needed to make your future living quarters.

The construction industry is one that has been growing for years, but some jobs within this profession can be very dangerous because they include significant risks like falling off scaffolding or being exposed to extreme weather conditions without proper gear. Construction workers also deal with heavy machinery on a daily basis, and are sometimes injured in accidents involving these machines. The sometimes develop injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, from prolonged use of their hands and fingers on tools while completing tasks.

In constructing a home, all of the workers have a specific role to play in ensuring that your house is complete. Each person takes on different tasks depending on what kind of work they do- carpenters build things like stairs or other structural pieces, while plumbers help with bringing water into your home and making sure there’s no leaks from broken pipes inside.

Construction can be long hours, but rewarding work, when someone’s living space gets finished off by these talented professionals. It may seem hard and tedious sometimes, but people who do construction have a special kind of pride in the work they do.

Let’s take a look at what each worker does when building a house.

Land Surveyors

When the house building begins, the surveyors job is to accurately measure to determine the property lines and document where any easements or right-of-ways exist.

Land Grading Contractors

Before the foundation can be started, the land often needs to be leveled and graded. Some areas made need to be filled in, others may need to be dug out.

Grading the Land

During the pre-construction stage of development, Land Grading Contractors will make sure that the soil is leveled out in order for construction to proceed as expected. It’s a lengthy, intensive process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Without putting in all this work beforehand, there would be unpredictable problems with drainage or water-retention.

Tree Trimmers and Removal Experts

Clearing a property for building sometimes requires removing trees, shrubbery, and other brush, before building can began. Tree Removal experts are typically skilled with machinery such as saws, chippers, and skid steers. They know the risks of working near power lines, as well as how to properly dispose of the materials in an environmentally responsible manner.

Foundation Layers

The foundation is laid by construction workers as well. Foundation layers are the people that lay the groundwork for a house. They find out what kind of soil is there, make sure it’s stable enough to hold weight and then they help fill in any cracks or holes with concrete before laying down dirt on top.

Masons and Stone Carvers

Masons use concrete, sand and gravel to create the foundation of a house. It’s their job to make sure that all the materials are mixed well together so they can form a solid surface.


Framing workers are responsible for installing studs and sheathing boards around a foundation in order to create the framework on which drywall or paneling can be installed.


Plumbers & Pipefitters

Pipefitters and plumbing professionals install water pipes as well as other types of piping systems, like sewer lines. They install the lines from the street to the house and are responsible for adding the water heater, toilets, bathroom fixtures (such as sinks, showers, and tubs), and hot-water tanks.


Electrical contractors work with different kinds of wires like copper and aluminum; installing fixtures such as lighting, light switches and outlets; operating motors, etc. The run the wires from the breaker box to different parts of the house.


Carpenters are skilled tradespeople that typically focus on framing houses, putting up siding and installing roof trims. Carpenters, along with Framers, build the framework of your house from wood or other materials like vinyl.

Trim Carpenters

As the name says, trim carpenters are carpenters that work with trim work – the finishing touches. They might be working on doors, molding or baseboards to make a house look complete and finished!


The roofers that put roofs on a new home are an important part of the process. They need to be knowledgeable about all aspects of putting on a roof, such as what materials are best to use for the type of home and the weather conditions of the area it is being built in.


Roofers work closely with carpenters by installing roof trusses made out of metal beams at joists, which are the frames of a house’s roof. They also install temporary covers to protect your home from construction debris and weather damage while they work on it.

Dry Wall Installers

Drywall installers are tasked with installing sheets of dry wall on a house’s construction site. Dry wall panels are what becomes the walls in the house.

Window and Door Installers

Window and door installation crews will measure doors and windows for an accurate fit before installing the doors and glass panes inside your new home’s walls. Sometimes they’re also responsible for adding decorative touches such as crown moldings around the window frames, which can make a room more attractive.

Deck Builders

Deck builders are also usually carpenters that focus on the construction or repair of decking.

Building a Deck


HVAC Technicians

An HVAC Technician installs the heating and air conditioning systems, and their ductwork, throughout the house.

Carpet Layers

Carpet layers may be needed if new construction has carpet installed in the house.

Flooring Specialists

Flooring specialists lay down tile and hardwood floors.


When much of the home construction is finished, it’s time to paint the walls. At that point, painters will come in and paint the walls and the trim inside the house, plus painting the outside of the house, and any others area that need to be painted.

Paving Contractors

Paving contractors are responsible for construction and installation of driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and any other paved surfaces.

Pouring A Driveway


Siding Installers

Some homes will have siding installed. Siding specialists will come in and install siding to the outside of the building.

Sprinkler Installers

As an option, a home may have a sprinkler system installed in the yard to automatically water the lawns.

Carpet Layers, Flooring Specialists, and Tile Setters

These workers are generally one of the last construction workers to come in and put in flooring, counter tops or other details that need work before the house is finished.

Landscaping Contractor

Landscaping crews come in after the construction workers. A landscaper is an expert in designing gardens or yards so that they look great, as well as providing an aesthetic balance to the community or neighborhood. Landscape contractors might design new plant and flower layouts, they may work with trees, ground coverings like mulch, and more. A landscape architect often provides the layout for what needs to be done in terms of design choices such as adding hardscape features like retaining walls and water ponds that help tie everything together seamlessly.


A gardener might work in tandem with a landscaper, doing things such as planting seeds, trimming new shrubs and hedges, weeding flowerbeds, etc.

Sod Layers

Sod layers lay the grass in a yard. This is generally the last construction step before moving into a new home.

Laying Sod

Landscapers, sod layers, and gardeners work together to create a beautiful lot.

Fence Builders

If a fence is to be built on a new construction, the fence builder is the person for the job.

Interior Designers

Though not really a construction worker, Interior Designers are sometimes employed by construction companies to make sure that floor plans and designs match what buyers want in their new house. They can also help the owners pick out their paint colors, tiles, carpet colors, and fixture finishes.

Many Construction Workers Work Together When Building A Home

So, what makes your house a home? It’s all these construction workers! They work hard to build homes for us so we can live comfortable lives in our own homes.

Family with their Finished Home

Construction can be long hours but rewarding work when someone’s living space gets finished off by these talented professionals. It may seem tedious sometimes but people who do construction have a special kind of pride.

They’re often overlooked or taken for granted when they play such an integral role in transforming bare land into a comfortable living space. All these professionals bring different skills to the table and work hard every day all across America to make sure our houses stay standing strong.